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1.Remove all ammunition and remove wood stock sections. The gas tube cover is not required to be removed. You may want to paint it if it's not removed.

2. Remove the bayonet and the factory fixed mag.

Installing the barreled action into the SKSAR unit -

a.Install the alignment trunnion on your barreled action at the back side of the cleaning rod hole with the 1024 socket screw provided through the front of the hole.

b.      The Compound Leverage trigger assembly is shipped ready to install in the lower channel.  For the time being, simply drop the unit into the trigger slot.  At item "d" you will be installing the 1/8" x 1.5" axis pin through the side standoff axis holes and in and through the supplied trigger through to the opposite side after the barreled action is in place and stabilized enough to test.

c.Insert the barreled action into chassis while aligning the trigger pad with the barreled action factory trigger. Slide the front of the lower channel into the bayonet slot and gently tap into place. Tighten the 1024 screw through the right side front lower hole. Tighten the left side front lower screw into the lower/bayonet lug as well.

d.Rotate the lower chassis up and into the barreled action. Install the two buttonhead screws into left and right sides at the trunnion installed in step "a" previously.    This would be good time to test the trigger and safety function, and adjust the length of pull option with the trigger pad.  Install the 1/8" x 1.5" axis pin in and through the chassis and trigger.  If the trigger engages and applies safe without issue, proceed.  If not, turn the pad around to utilize the opposite end of the pad.   (Sometimes the Yugo requires a bit more length of pull than the Norinco/Russian).

            Due to the SKS factory long travel type trigger, we have included an over-travel adjustment mechanism, if you'd             like.  Use of the over-travel mechanism is not mandatory.  As such, if you do not want to use the overtravel             mechanism at this time, proceed to the next step.  But if you do want to utilize the over-travel stop, install it from             the bottom  with the two 632 screws provided and engage the safety and  adjust the  adjustment screw until the             trigger has  a small gap between the adjustment screw head and the  front trigger guard.  Dry/Test fire until             adjustment is where you want it.  Do not overtighten the screw, otherwise the  sear will  not engage during             battery.  We have designed the over-travel mechanism to be installed and removed easily.  As such, the over-            travel mechanism can be installed or removed later if  you choose, keeping in mind that the receiver cover will             have to be removed for adjustment later on.

e.Slide on the rear receiver cover. Install the left side screw. Turn the unit upside down and rotate and install the remaining magwell 632 screws. Install the front screw only at the opposing side magwell piece.  

f.Set the EZMag coil spring into the hole at the rear of the lower chassis. Take the EZMag lever and spring pin and align the indent at the lever with the coil spring hole while inserting the spring pin in the side holes of the magwell guide pieces. Once installed, install the remaining rear screw at the magwell guide.  

g.Install the trigger guard cover with the two 632 screws provided at the rear of the magwell. Install the left side receiver cover screw. Check trigger function. Note: an alternate trigger trunnion with travel takeup screw is included, if that is of interest.

h.Install the upper barreled action cover.

I.  If you have a Norinco, Chinese or Russian SKS, you have the option of installing the front shield panel.  Insert the unit at an angle to the barrel and front sight and install it using the two 632 screws provided into the front trunnion at the bayonet lug. The Yugo unit doesn't require one, but a modified front filler panel is provided if that is of interest.

Make sure you lock open the SKS bolt prior to inserting any magazine (unless you have the newer "m" type bolt.).   See the Operations page for more info.

 We hope your shooting experience is enhanced using our system.

Install 1024 socket head screw through the front of the flange into the supplied interface trunnion.
SKS Barreled action at front gas tube
Supplied CBRPS interface trunnion
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Adjustable Over-travel stop installed
(see below)